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Celebrated Vocalist and Industry Vocal Coach Aaron Unthank Releases First Solo Recording

JACKSONVILLE, Fl. – (April 6, 2017) – Celebrated vocalist and music industry vocal coach Aaron Unthank released his debut solo recording last week. To the delight of fans and peers nationwide, Unthank’s Courageous released digitally on Thursday, March 30, 2017.

Aaron raised the funds to record Courageous after a successful Kickstarter campaign where he rallied the support of industry veterans, fans, and former vocal students to help him achieve his life long dream.

“This project has been in my heart for years,” said Aaron. “It is proof (to me) that God does not forget. If you are familiar with the phrase, ‘It takes a village,’ then you know what I mean when I say I played the LEAST part in this record coming to fruition. There are literally over a hundred people invested in this project in one way or another. I am forever grateful to all of them for providing me the opportunity to make the music that is in my heart to make. All I had to do was write the songs and sing them. They did the rest.”

Courageous was produced by Chad Kirkpatrick, Jamie Miley and Unthank. Unthank co-wrote or arranged all of the songs on the recording, with help from industry leaders Kenna West and Bobby Tinsley.

Highlights of the recording including “I Want You to Know“, a song written by Aaron for his two teenage children, the blue-eyed soul of “Sweetest Name“, and anthem “Courageous“. The album closes with a medley of Aaron’s favorite worship tunes, aptly titled “Worship Medley“.

Courageous available online via iTunes at:


To learn more about Aaron go to http://www.agpublicity.com/aaron-unthank.html.

Find Aaron on FaceBook at https://www.facebook.com/aaron.unthank and on Twitter at @AaronUnthank.


About Aaron Unthank

​Aaron Unthank is happily married to an amazing woman and dad to a couple of extraordinary kids now entering teenaged-ness.

Originally hailing from the St. Louis area makes him a lover of all things St. Louis style from baseball to BBQ to pizza to jazz. He grew up in southwest Missouri, but now makes his home in Jacksonville, Florida.

He went to college on baseball scholarship and also earned a music scholarship his sophomore year. Around his junior year he began to feel uneasy about the direction of his life. Music began to mean more to him that it ever had before. He began singing “for real.” People heard him and encouraged him to explore his potential. The uneasiness in his heart continued. It was God. God was asking him to dream a different dream. It took months of convincing, but he finally said yes.

Since then he has said yes to many opportunities large and small. He has also said no. The sacrifices a dad makes for his kids are happy, but not always easy. Now that his are pursuing their own interests, he believes he would be a poor example if he didn’t do the same. Never stop dreaming. Never stop pursuing life. That is the best example he can be.

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