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E! Christian Comedy At its Finest

By: Angie BEE
The first phone call that I ever received from Christian Comedian FUNNYBONE really wasn’t funny. It was all about ministry. This man of God desires to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ to a worldwide
audience and he is determined to be funny as he does it. Comedy is his ministry and he delivers his stand-up routines with stories about his family, his church life and testimony… and he even has a few songs, too!
Comedian FUNNYBONE is a dedicated husband, loving father, devoted son and an Armor Bearer for his Bishop. “At church last night, my Bishop prophesied that my comedy ministry was going to keep me very
busy in 2012. Bishop said that I would be so busy that he took me off the Armor Bearer schedule!” says FUNNYBONE. “Now, I’m an HONORARY Armor Bearer!” The Bishop’s prophecy was very accurate.
As 2012 arrived, Comedian FUNNYBONE was preparing for his third annual Clean Kings of Comedy show at the Times Union Center in Jacksonville, Florida. This concert did NOT disappoint as it features a
DJ, fellow comedians, and recording artists on February 11th. “The show has been sold out since we started three years ago, and next year will be even bigger” states FUNNYBONE. The new name of the
show will be “A FUNNYBONE Experience” as the “experience” begins traveling across the country!
FUNNYBONE now contributes daily jokes to The Hottest Home Hotspot WORLDWIDE syndicated radio
show. Featuring holy hip hop music and airing six (6) days a week on three radio networks, this show introduces the

Laugh Out Loud Moment to Tickle Your Funnybone to listeners around the world. FUNNYBONE entertains and inspires with stories such as “They Know You Saved”, “Smart Pastors” and “A Rose for My Wife”. Several of the two-minute joke segments showcase a scripture along with the while featuring FUNNYBONE’S love for Christ and fellowship.

Click this link to hear the radio interview with FUNNYBONE where he is introduced to audiences around the world!
As if his schedule weren’t busy enough, FUNNYBONE has just been added as the Master of Ceremonies of The Tour thatAngie BEE Presents. Using his comedic style to introduce recording artists during the concert, FUNNYBONE will be seen by audiences in Florida, Michigan, New York, and even Abuja Nigeria AFRICA. “I guess my Bishop was right! I may be missing a few Sunday services” jokes FUNNYBONE.
Now, A FUNNYBONE Experience will contribute to this magazine each month with contributions from the ministry leaders. FUNNYBONE and his wife will give testimonial stories on their marriage, their ministry and more! Truly a place where ministry and comedy meet, A FUNNYBONE Experience shares this article for each of you!
FUNNYBONE is available for bookings to roast your husband
or Pastor or as a motivational speaker. His powerful testimony about incarceration and infidelity in his marriage is inspiring to his audiences.
FUNNYBONE will perform at corporate and fundraising events and will even host your ministry engagement such as a conference or concert.
Visit his website on GigSalad for videos and photos and booking information and visit www.AngieBEEpresents.com for concert dates across the country where FUNNYBONE will appear. You may also visit the main website at www.ComedianFUNNYBONE.net to learn more. Order his concert DVD’s and music CD’s for gifts for your friends and family and keep reading this magazine … for regular updates on the comedy and ministry of Comedian FUNNYBONE!
About Angie BEE Affectionately known as “Da Queen BEE”, Angie
BEE is a Producer, Promoter & Published Author.
Commanded by God to bring the gospel to youth and young adults around the world, her multiple ministries
projects signify her as a “round-yellow, busy little bumble bee
for Christ!”.
Angie BEE is the host of a syndicated holy hip hop radio show heard 6 days a week in multiple time slots. She is the producer of several web-based TV shows for the Jericho Broadcast Network and she is
the founder and “Tour Guide” of the youth and young adult evangelistic concert entitled The Tour that Angie BEE Presents.
As a promoter, Angie BEE represents and books recording artists, motivational speakers, and Comedian FUNNYBONE.
Visit www.AngieBEE.com to purchase a copy of her book and visit
www.AngieBEEpresents.com online for tour details or call 407-914-6519.
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